The Missile Knows (recorded 2002)

192 kb/ps MP3 files. Videos for some of these are on Vimeo.

  1. Tattered and Torn (Theme from The Testostertones)
  2. Stranger Danger
  3. Gay Rooster
  4. Hot Grits A Flyin’1
  5. Interceptor2
  6. Off The Hook3
  7. Send All Your Ninjas
  8. Kenny4
  9. Foolish Mortals
  10. Prince Vultan5
  11. Follow That Car
  12. The Missile Knows (Destro’s My Dad)
  13. G'on, Git!
  14. Where’s Your Moustache?
  15. Jiggle
  16. What Now, Squanto?

Chip Hoppin: guitar.
Jason Smith: guitar.
Sammy Slade: drums.
Dave Jansen: bass.

Written 1994-ish, recorded April 2002 by Jesse Olley at NightSound Studios, Carrboro, North Carolina.

1Now showing at the Springfield Googleplex, along with Sing, Monkey Sing, Space Mutants VII, and Rip Roarin’ Reverend.
2Mad Max samples not cleared. Please dont’t sue us.
3The phone, that is. Your drummer does this, you can’t call him, you write a song about it.
4Silver lining if you get arrested for drunken and disorderly on the TV show COPS: somebody might write a song about you.
5See Flash Gordon.